Libyan war: Going badly for the West as predicted

Sumantra Maitra

A few days back, just when the Libya War started, I wrote an article here on The-Latest, where I said that this bombing campaign might be disastrous for the West, and for the world in the long run. There is a serious risk of being on the same side with Al Qaeda...

Apparently I was dead right, unfortunately. The Telegraph and Washington Examiner...came out with articles, wherein they say that Libyan rebels are apparently Jihadis, those same jihadis who fought and killed coalition soldiers in the frontlines of Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

This is as disastrous as supporting the Egyptian radicals, who are now in control of their post-revolution society.

Whereas, here's your surprise. A BBC article says that Muammar Gaddafi, on the other hand, eccentric though he is, is a perfectly secular leader, giving freedom of speech to women, a rarity in Arab world generally, and dismantling his WMD program, and in recent days was even closer to the west, in terms of business.

So where does this Franco-British led war lead the taxpayers? Paying unbelievable amount of money in missiles and bombs, siding with Al Qaeda, whereas they increase fees for education. 

Congratulations, senile've miserably screwed up again.