Lil Kim versus Big George W

The long standing feud between the US and North Korea regarding Nuclear weapons has heated up this week. With the UN Security Council expected to impose sanctions today, the rift between the two countries will no doubt continue even after the likely sanctions will be imposed. Big George has publically condemmned the North Korean Leader's pursuit of Nuclear capabilities as a grave error. But what of Tony Blair's response to the growing crisis. Will Britain scrap its Nuclear program completely or invest in further Nuclear energy? Speaking on This Week on Thursday outspoken MP Dianne Abbott suggested that Britain should honour the proliferation of weapons agreement and scrap its Nuclear program. She said: 'If Western countries honoured the agreement then rogue states such as North Korea may take heed.' But if Britain did scrap its Nuclear weapons programs, could we be able to really on the US if our country faced attack? It seems that the 21st Century is going to be surrounded by the Nuclear question. We learned to stop worrying and love the bomb in the 20th Century, now in the 21st Century we have to start worrying and fear the bomb? This issue is more about power struggles between East and West rather than Nuclear weapons. It is all about who fears who. So who do you fear most? Lil Kim or Big George W B?