As someone who used to work in the fast food world of McDonalds I am at this time, very tiresome of their food. It no longer tastes of anything.

After a short trip to one of their chains today for a spot of lunch, as I was in a hurry I picked up a large Quarter Pounder with cheese meal.

Upon opening my take away bag, I looked inside, horrified. My large fry box was half full, and my quarter pounder was so greasy that the bun disintergrated in my hands. I marched up to the front desk to complain and was greeted with the friendly service that I am so used to hearing from their employees and was told that the half full fry box was a standard sized large fries.

What happened to the days of the over flowing fry carton, which is what I produced for every customer when I worked there. From what I understand, ithe new rip off is to keep food costs down, and I'm guessing that most people can come to their own conclusions in terms of that.

After a bit of moaning I managed to get my burger replaced, but it seems that the company's reputation is going down the shitter faster than their food quality.

But, in McD's defence, that was only one outlet, in one part of the country, in one part of the world. But after working in another one, I found out that the company lives up to its name, I'm going to be frank, it's a shit place to work. The members of staff are split into three types, the crew members, who were on the same level as me. They were all cool, and you even had one or two decent managers. The third type of person at the store in which I worked, were wankers. The shift managers, second assistants, and especially the store manager. Now that store manager knows who he is, and even though it is very unlikely that he will ever read this, I would just like to say that you are a total son of a bitch and that somebody need to teach your bitch ass how to talk to your staff  The saying 'don't let power get to your head' comes to mind when thinking about people in the company.

The problem comes with handing power over to young people. I'm not saying that all young people let power get to them, but in my store it got to most of the young people there.

So, now that I have got that out, I think I am finished, I feel much better now, and the next time you walk into a McDonalds just pay a little respect to the poor bastards that keep the place running, because I can tell you now, that they are definitely not the managers.

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Gary Roberts

Fri, 08/04/2006 - 13:31
I remember working in McDonalds for &pound;4.50 an hour, under the important title of Lobby Host. Even at the age of 16, I could tell this was&nbsp;their silly attempt to turn the role of cleaner into something you wouldn't be embarrassed to put on your CV. Anyway, when I threatened to quit, they instantly added 50pence an hour onto my wages and, since we were paid fortnightly, I had more money than I knew what to do with.<br /><br />Employees&nbsp;of McDonalds also get a free lunch entitlement, but my advice to all your poor folk who work there is this: forget that, and just eat and drink as much as you can stomach, because those&nbsp;drones have no idea how many burgers they're churning out.