Miliband's second thoughts...

             David Miliband learned that "words matter the most in diplomacy", as he looks back to his most disastrous foreign trip yet, to India in January '09. Believing that he did the right thing anyways, the British Foreign secretary however stopped short of an apology, but it is the closest you can get. "You learn everyday, you've got to try and take that forward,", he said in an interview on saturday, according to the reports of the Press Trust of India. He was ripped apart by the Indian media, who, while marking him to be charming and witty, grilled him on his "glossing over" Pakistan's responsibility, and displaying tremendous ignorance about the history of Kashmir, and Islamic-terrorism in India, when he equated the situation after the Mumbai terror attacks, as an effect of the Kashmir problem. He also conceded later that perhaps the words could have been better chosen.  
             An official of the South Block, on condition of anonymity also said that the Indian ministry of external affairs was also "stunned" with his manners, when he referred to both the Indian Prime minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh, and the Foreign minister, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, by their first names, which was a "dereliction of propriety".  
             The interview also said, that he was deeply moved, by the Mumbai attacks. "There is such anguish, anguish, anguish...", he noted.
             This is running a bad year for him anyways, as he got another hit, this time from India's southern neighbour, as a special envoy for the civil war in Sri Lanka, nominated by him, was declined by the island country, earlier this year.