Money can't buy him love

While the Middle East crisis is heating up and the politician's are trying to cool down the situation, Beatle star and music icon Paul McCartney is facing his own battle on the western front.

Macca and Heather Mills's so called 'amicable seperation' has become hot property in the last few weeks and more so now, as the estranged hubby, in an unprecedented attack on his feisty wife, has made damaging claims about her alleged bad behaviour.

The former Beatle frontman, who was involved in writing popular classics such as 'money can't buy you love,'  and 'Let it be, ' certainly isn't going to let this one be.

Bitter Macca's trials and tribulations with the former model could cost him a 200million legal battle. Sixty four-year-old Paul will not get an easy ride. Claims are that Mrs Mills will fight the ex-pop rocker as he has branded her 'rude and argumentative.'

It all comes as the pair's constant media exposure put a strain on their four year marriage and lurid tabloid newspaper claims of her ex- porn shame. No pre-nuptial agreement was signed as they were reported last month of splitting up amicably with her even still living in his plush mansion.

Once both parties have filed divorce proceedings, then lawyers will battle out a deal acceptable to all.
Heather, who campaigned against land mines after losing a leg in 1988 in a car accident is extremely 'dissapointed' by all the claims and counter claims circulating in the media.