Nanny G knows best?

AS FATHERS DAY is fast approaching, it seems the government have decided to splash out on a special advice pack for existing fathers and fathers to be with a special Dad pack which apparently says that the best way for dads to play with their kids is to take them down the park!

AND HOW LONG DID IT TAKE A GOVERNMENT MINISTER or DEPARTMENT TO THINK OF THAT? As if we didnt know already , they have spent thousands of pounds on this document and to my mind this is another example of the Labour government 'nannying the British people.' Thousands of fathers across the land will be fuming I expect from this, especially the ones who only get to see their kids on the weekend. (A family member of mine already has this experience)

So, what is the point of it? I suspect that this pack was dreamed up by some clever clogs from the Department of Educaton who has no experience of children or even knowledge of the real world!

I myself am frustrated by this government's constant 'nannying.' In the 80's, Magaret Thatcher and the Tories were classed as 'the nanny,' but, it seems that Blair has taken this concept to a different level.

Ever watched SUPER NANNY on channel four? Their is someone with real experience of kids and how to interact with them - This includes discipline, interaction and best of all RESPECT!

Why does a government feel it has to spend thousands of pounds on issuing a pack which states the obvious? Is it because they feel that to be doing something is better than not doing anything atall? Even if  the message is already obvious! AND another thing, it offers you important advice on what to do when you die (It says 'CONSIDER LIFE INSURANCE!)

Obvious or just damn right stupid advice?

I guess this type of 'nannying' will continue, but I also suspect that this government have no idea how to tackle the real issues that matter in our society. Another public relations act that will again be paid for by the TAXPAYER at his/her EXPENSE!

Happy fathers day to all DADS out there!