New EU Migrants may end up homeless

A London Council fears that an influx of migrants from the new EU countries may lead to an explosion of rough sleepers on London's streets. Westminster City Council claim that hundreds of thousands of migrants from Bulgaria and Romania may become destitute if their visas are not accepted for work by new rules introduced by the government. Government new rules mean that migrants coming into the country are no longer guaranteed work, and as a result the council fears that this will increase the number of rough sleepers on London's streets. Under the INVEST TO SAVE program the council recieves funding to help Eastern European workers find work or safe passage back to their families. Council leader Simon Milton, said: 'The governement hopes that the lack of visas will discourage people from coming to the UK, but in our experience this isn't realistic. The fear is that thousands will arrive in the UK in the hope of gaining employment only to end up jobless and on the streets.' The funding for the INVEST TO SAVE program runs out at the end of the year and the council are campaigning to keep the funding alive. Migrants from the new EU entrant countries are not entitled to UK benefits, which may cause many to become homeless and even begin a life of crime.