Nightmare on Parliament Street: campaigners blast UK democracy

Protestors shambled along the road to demonstrate at Britain's "Zombie Parliament" for Halloween. The event, organised by the Vote for a Change campaign, called for a more accountable parliament with a referendum on the voting system which they say is unfair.

Willie Sullivan, one of the organisers, said: "Some people may have noticed the smell around Westminster in the last few months: the rotting corpse of British democracy. Instead of men and women with independent minds and souls, we see mindless ghouls shambling through the voting lobbies. We see elections in hundreds of safe seats throughout the land, where even a corpse could win a 'job for life'." 

He added: "This is the Parliament of the Living Dead. And what's the best way to deal with a zombie? We're reliably informed it involves blunt force trauma to the head, or separating the brain from the spinal column. Westminster's soulless residents appear to be canvassing for a Second Job in George Romero's latest movie. So this Hallowe'en we're giving MPs a treat: a visit from some rosette clad cadavers, who will be heading to Parliament with the demand that things must change."

"Our dead democracy needs defibrillator volts to the chest, and that starts with a referendum on fair votes.  We need a parliament where voters' voices are heard, all votes count and where MPs are truly accountable; a parliament that's quite simply better equipped to do its job in representing us, the voters. We believe it is time to scare the life into British democracy."