No 10 hail Sandown Park's media centre 'superb'

Last summer, a European Summit was held at Hampton Court Palace to discuss core  EU political issues.

Hosting the event was PM Tony Blair, and several key EU Ministers were invited, including Gerhard Schroeder and Jacques Chirac, French President. After the summit meeting, a media centre was to be held just up the road in the celubrious town of Esher known for its glamour and celebrity status.

The Surrey Hall was kitted out with 1500 workstations and fully equipped with mod cons fit for a PM.

The main hall was filled with TV and Broadcast teams and more than 80 sound editing booths were installed.

An unusual sight to see Politicians roaming the halls of Sandown,  rather than thoroughbreds racing down the homestraight of the Sandown race course.

Spokesmen for the EU presidency team and Foreign and Commonwealth Office, said: 'I would like to thank the team at Sandown Park for providing us with such a superb venue.'

Barbara Crow, Head of the Events and Leisure Dvision, responded: 'This was a very high profile and demanding event for Sandown Park and I am delighted to say that all aspects of the media centre ran like clockwork. It was a tremendous success.'