Now we know why Amy is called Winehouse

It probably will come as little surprise that Amy Winehouse, the famously wild child singer, is rather particular when it comes to her backstage booze - with vodka and champagne a must, The-Latest can reveal. Yet the Rehab singer demands that her staff at concerts must be "sober" at all times.

The award-winning British performer requires wine, beer, and liquor in her dressing room, according to a document we have obtained. These note in an asterisked section that the provision of a large bottle of vodka (Smirnoff or Zubrowka) and a chilled bottle of Champagne "are a must".

Two bottles of Rioja red wine should also be supplied. And, when it comes to beer, promoters better not come bearing Stella Artois or Carling. Corona or equivalent brew if you don't mind.

Oh, don't miss out the 40 Marlborough Light cigarettes. Three well-lit, lockable dressing rooms with seating for 15 must be made available.

After a show, the Winehouse party demands that three "good quality" pizzas be delivered to its tour bus. However, the diva warns, the doughy delicacies will be refused if she finds them not up to standard. Winehouse, also needs at least two local roadies to help with load-in at each concert venue, though, unlike one mega US diva, she does require them to perform dressing room duties.

Apparently, Amy is partial to an after concert grill, Chinese or Mexican meal. So, if you have any suggestions feel free to make them to her London agent Paul Franklin at his firm, HelterShelter (he was not the source for this story).