Opportunist thieves prey on cavorting couple

Opportunist thieves whisked away hundreds of pounds worth  of items whilst a trainee doctor and his  Dutch girlfriend were cavorting in a Spanish park in Valencia last week, writes Chris Gaynor.

Edward Sames, 24, from Esher,  and his Dutch beauty, 33-year-old Monique,  were getting up to no good in the Jardine de Turia, near to the Metro underground Station 'Alameda.'

Two men approached the couple, while their backs were turned  and stole  Monique's bag containing a digital camera and mobile phone worth around  £500.

Edward and Monique chased after the men, along with two passers-by, but they got away.

Spanish Police attended the scene of the distraught couple, who said that it was not uncommon for opportunists to steal from cavorting couples in parks.

It is not the first time that the Dutch woman has been a victim of crime in the Spanish  town.

She said: 'A few weeks ago I was out with friends here  and we were approached by some guys who threatened us with a knife. I live at my sister's rented appartment and I stay here around six weeks of the year.'

The couple were taken to the Police station for questions  and driven back  home to her rented appartment.

Edward Sames said: 'It was a bit embarrassing because we were getting up to no good in the park and the bag was behind us. We were partly to blame. Beggars also tried to steal my friend's camera when he was having a drink in the Plaza de la Virgin. I have definately learned my lesson to be more vigilant.'