Pete, do that dance again...

It seems to be taking the nation by storm. What am i talking about?  Not the World Cup as you would expect, although we are reaching fever pitch as CHAPS, only 9 DAYS to go until the tournament kicks off!

Peter Crouches celebratory goal on tuesday when he scored the last goal to help England secure a 3 - 1 win against Hungary seems to be winning the hearts and minds of everyone. You dont have to be a footie fan to understand why?

This rather reminds me of when Prince William and indeed RT Hon William Hague, leader of the opposition in 2000 did baseball cap turns to turn on the charm and display to the press that they were 'WITH IT, YER.'

Crouch is a most unexpected candidate to be turning up the rhythm but i suspect that in the clubs this weekend, men and women will be trying to immitate the CROUCH DANCE and 'getting jiggy with it.'  Perhaps it will become part of the English dictionary, and perhaps clubs up and down the country will be offering lessons on how to do the perfect robot dance. What about competitions? the possibilities to make money here out of this are endless. Its been done before!

Now one cannot be two cynical- but i suspect that this is also a cunning ploy to GEE UP Team England and get everyone talking about 'COOL BRITANNIA,' and let's not forget WE ARE COOL.

I also suspect that when England do go to the world cup, we will see a feast of  weird and bizarre goal celebrations from all over the world. Crouches is just a dip in the ocean but one things for sure, he has put the cool back into FOOTBALL.

SO lets hope England can go all the way. Give us a twirl, Pete?