Pete's A Shambles

Danielle Goldstein

Chatter fills the air at the top north London music venue Koko. Mediocre support acts Vanlustbader and The Holloways perform before infamous pop group Babyshambles hit the stage. Fronted by Pete Doherty, self confessed heroin addict and one time boyfriend of super model Kate Moss, Babyshambles is a band that punters want a piece of.

As soon as the lights fade at the former Camden Palace, where international diva Madonna did her one London gig before Christmas, the eager audience get ready for their slice of the action.

Accompanied by only two band members, the lanky boho Doherty strolls onto the stage wearing a hat, scarf and denim jacket which he throws into the crowd almost immediately, revealing a long, red mesh dress partly covered by a black top that clings to the bones of his thin frame.

The group open with the heavy beats and twangs of “Killamangiro”. Doherty spins and jumps around the stage. Beads of sweat drip down his forehead, separating his fringe into clumps around his face. Troubled singer Doherty wails and stumbles throughout ” Piper McGraw” “Forever” and “Babyshambles”; the poetic lyrics are lost as he dribbles on the microphone.

This live performance is not going to propel Babyshambles to the chart topping status they crave. Regrettably for the rest of the band it seems that Doherty is simply trying to relive the glory days of his former band The Libertines, as a chunk of the set is full of their songs like “Don’t Be Shy”, ” Dilly Boys”, “ Time for Heroes” and “Up the Bracket”.

If Babyshambles manage to survive, while entangled in Doherty’s web of drugs and the personal instability that saw Kate Moss dump him, they’re going to have a tough time doing it.