Pink legend dies peacefully

Cambridge legend and once front man of the band Pink Floyd has 'died peacefully' it emerged this week.

The troubled and reclusive Syd Barrett, whose talent was overshadowed by fame and drugs went into hiding for 35 years.

Guitarist Barrett, 60, died from a diabetes related illness as a spokesman said he died peacefully.

Living members of the Pink Floyd crew, David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Roger Waters are all claimed to be 'very upset' by the sudden death of Barrett.

Syd was the shining star of the popular band whose hits include 'Money, Wish You Were Here, and his solo projects 'The Madcap laughs.'

Founded  in 1965 with the first album 'Piper at the Gates of Dawn,' he penned many of the earliest hits.

Three years later, Barrett left the frontline after his behaviour became erratic, and dissapeared into the wilderness.

He gave his final interview in 1971, rejected fans and lived with his mother in Cambridge.

In the Summer of 2005, the band reuinted to dedicate the track Wish You Were Here, to the reclusive legend.

David Bowie has already paid tribute to Barrett calling him an 'inspiration,' and no doubt more tributes will pour into commemorate the man who rocked the nation with a combination of jazz and rock rhythms.