The Pink under-wear campaign snowballing in India.

Apparently Indian young urban educated women have found out a unique way of protesting against Hindu ultra-rightist groups. More than 7000 thousand people from all over the country and abroad too, including men have already joined this group which is snow-balling itself in the last one week as the fastest growing international community, which calls itself the "Consortium of pub-going, loose and forward women" (CPLF). They have decided to give pink underwears, ("chaddis" in colloquial Hindi) to the chief of Sri Ram Sena, Mr. Pramod Muthalik, this Valentines Day.  

For the uninitiated, the Sri Ram Sena is a little known right wing Hindu Vigilante Group, which leaped to infamy with it's last month's Taliban style attack at a Pub in the South Indian city of Mangalore. At least 30 group members, rampaged the Pub, and chased the women out, in the process slapping and beating up any men or women who came forward to protest. They said that the "pub-culture" is not a part of ancient ethics, morality and values, and so they were protesting against the growing westernisation. The attack, which was shown live, and got widespread coverage in both National and International Media, sparked massive country wide protests, and was condemned by various women's groups and the National Commission for Women, with the country's women's affairs minister Renuka Chaudhary describing it as an effort to impose Taliban style values.

The move of sending pink underwears by the CPLF, came after a declaration by the Sri Ram Sena, that they will protest against the Valentines Day celebrations in the country too. A spokesperson for the CPLF, Nisha Susan, said that the colour pink was chosen because it is known as a frivolous colour, and the underwear alludes to a known Hindu right wing group, whose cadres wear Khaki shorts, often known as the "chaddiwallahs", or the "Chaddi" wearers. Pink "chaddis" of any size, plain, frilled, or lacy, thongs, used or unused, anything, can be dropped at drop boxes throughout the country, or couriered and mailed to the offices of the group, from where they will forward it to the office of the Sri Ram Sena chief.

Here's the link for the community.