PM's wife embroiled in contracts scandal

Human Rights Lawyer and wife to the  PM was mired in controversy for allegedly helping a personal confidante obtain lucrative NHS contracts it emerged last night.

Cherie Blair, well known for dabbling in political matters, is claimed to have arranged meetings between directors of private medical firms and Downing Streets top health advisor.

Senior Tories are calling for the matter to be investigated fully   announcing they will be writing to Sir Gus O'Donnell, the Cabinet Secretary   for him to explore whether Mrs Blair was 'abusing' her husbands office to help friends.

Mrs Blair is suggested to have close links with a friend whose boyfriend is director of a healthcare firm whom already has an  £8 million Goverment contract for running an NHS walk-in centre.

Harry Hyman, a key player in Labour's latest NHS reforms is claimed to have met Jonathan Metliss, Ms Greene's boyfriend, at a plush eatery at  the Cinnamon Club in London.

Talks were arranged in April where Mrs Blair is alledged to have used a senior secretary in the Downing Street policy unit to arrange the meeting.

The allegation is another in a long line of reports which will spark crtiticism at how much Mrs Blair is involved in key political matters at Downing Street.

Mrs Blair has been involved in high profile scandals such as having links with a con man, Peter Foster who claimed to advise on buying two flats in Bristol, one being  for Euan's time at University.

The rules regarding members interests state that the 'interests of spouses, partners, and dependent children,' must be declared if they arise out of a relative's position.

At this moment in time Mrs Blair has not broken the code as she has in no way benefitted from the meetings she set up.

But MP's will no doubt be fuming at Mrs Blair's 'close' involvement in policy making.

Shadow Leader of the House, Chris Grayling, said: 'A member of the Primeminister's family should not be using civil servants   for any purpose. They are there to serve the Government, not members of Mr Blair's family.'

He also claimed it was 'very worrying' for civil servants to be arranging meetings at the bequest of Mrs Blair for friends of hers.

Mr Metliss, despite a Conservative supporter has allegedly been a guest of Downing Street on a number of occasions.

The saga continues as both parties involved refused  to comment.