Police arrest man over prostitute killings

Detectives investigating the murders of five women in Ipswich have arrested a man in connection with them. The 37 year old is being questioned at an unknown location regarding the murders of Gemma Adams, Tania Nichol ,Anneli Alderton, Paula Clennel and Annette Nicholls. He was arrested at an address in Trimley near Felixstowe at 7.20am this morning. All the women murdered were working girls with severe drug habbits found dead and naked within a ten mile radius around the Ipswich area. But detectives are not issuing the location of the police station where the man will be questioned by detectives. Items were apparently examined by forensic teams in the Felixstowe area. Detective Stewart Gull, said: 'As proceedings are now active, we will not be issuing any further information or appeals at this stage.' The suspect in the murder inquiry has not been charged and the investigation continues.