A political storm brewing over England

The face of Tony Blair on the front page of the Daily Mail today says it all.

Party animal Blair is suffering for his all nighters with the likes of Snoopy and Stevie Wonder.

He's been all around the world from Africa to America, just to escape the heat of the rebellion he faces back home.

Cabinet colleagues are in revolt over his mis-handlings of the Lebanon crisis. Margaret Beckett looks like a flower witling under the heat of coping with the notorious Foreign secretary job.

And to cap it all her boss Blair faces the possiblity of an embarrassing inquistion over the sleazy cash for peerages row. Bambi's refusal to budge from his slavish following of President George W. Bush's disastrous failure to support an immediate ceasefire the Middle East conflict  is yet another example of his leadership grip being loosened.

A despairing Labour Party seem to be getting ever closer to that point where they say 'enough is enough' and showing Blair the door with a vote of no confidence in the cling on PM.

With John Prescott now officially in charge of the country (if you call it that) it can only be a matter of time before the PM starts the long awaited transferof power to patient but prudent Brown.

While Teflon Tony has been galavanting all over the world (I'm sure in desperate pursuit of Nobel Peace prize) pressing domestic agendas have been neglected.

His lack of policy on immigration and lmuch needed attention to border controls has caused chaos.

Blair;s much trumpted mprovements to public services have ground to a halt, just like his feeply unpopular identity cards plans.And he has yet to deal with his cling on Deputy Prescott still basking in the delights of power.

How much more can an electorate take? And yet hoodiies friend 'Dave' Cameron, the Opposition leader, has failed to capitalise on these growing problems. He may be winning the public popularity contests but I feel it's time the Tories stepped up the heat and offered sensible policies on these areas and stopped beating around the bush.

But right now there is only one thing on Blair's mind. Barbados here we come for another freebie holiday courtesy of pop king Cliff Richard!