Prescott to receive 'slapped wrist' in corruption row

Cling on Deputy Primeminister, John Prescott is expected to get a dressing down from the parliamentary sleaze watchdog.

The Commons Standards and Privileges Committee is expected to offer him a 'mild rebuke' for not declaring his all expenses paid trip to a multi millionaire's US ranch.

But the remit of the committee will not investigate whether he had broken the ministerial code of conduct.

Mr Prescott has been embroiled in scandals such as having an affair with his secretary and staying at Phillip Anschutz's ranch - who wants to build a super casino in the Millenium Dome.

Sir Alistair Graham, chairman of the Committee of Standards in Public Life, said that Mr Prescott's position in government was damaging the party.

It is expected that the Deputy Primeminister will receive a minor telling off  for not registering his interest straight away.

Critics from all political pursuasions are still calling for an independent investigation into whether he broke the ministerial code, as well as calling for the Deputy Primeminister's head.

Rumours that he was given a Cowboy outfit worth £11,000 are still being investigated, as Mr Prescott denies the charges that he had any influence in discussions regarding the super casino.

In a heated exchange in the Commons on Wednesday, Conservative MP, Greg Hands challenged him using qualified privelege to ask him whether he had compromised the bidding process for Britain's one and only proposed regional casino?

But Mr Prescott hit back saying he had no part in the proceedings as they were organised by other ministers.

He also rejected claims from former Tory Leader William Hague who has also called for Mr Prescott to resign as it would be in his best interests and the country's.