Professional Wrestler's Murder Suicide: Were Steroids To Blame?

Writers Note: I know its been a long time since I have posted a story on here, but this one hit quite close to home and I felt that I had to bring it up. Never has there been a bigger tragedy in professional wrestling than that of Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and their 7-year-old son Daniel. Christopher Benoit, who worked for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) since 2000 had widely been recognised as the greatest pure athelete of our generation. Regarded as a consumate professional by his peers, it is no surprise that many members of the WWE were concerned when Benoit did not show up for the one of the companies Pay Per View events on the night of 23rd June 2007. The WWE were quick to send out the local sheriff to check on the Benoit family at their home inAtlanta, Georgia. What the sheriff found rocked the foundations of professional wrestling. Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and their son Daniel were all found dead at 4pm local time in three different rooms. The first rumour that made the rounds was that the family had suffered from Carbon Monoxide poisoning, but these rumours were later squashed. The truth of what really happened was far darker. Chris Benoit was later found to have systematically strangled his wife to death with an electric cord, and then, within a 24 hour period, suffocated his son with a pillow before going to his weight room and hanging himself. The WWE, after airing a three hour tribute show in Chris Benoit's memory, promptly took back the tribute in wake of what had happened. Rumours once again began surfacing regarding the reasons why such a gentle man would be taken as far as to kill his own family. The one key factor that kept coming up in the investigation into the deaths was the use, or over-use of steroids. Did he use them? Didn't he? Does it even matter? I don't know the answer to any of those questions but what I do know is this. It is unfair to assume responsibility of the murder of a woman and her child to a drug that nobody is sure even has the effects that lead to Benoit's killing spree. The man who should be blamed is the man who commited these hanious crimes. I am not taking anything away from the career of, in my opinion, the greatest technical wrestler in the history of the business. I also think it wrong that the WWE has eliminated every shred of evidence that Benoit even existed or worked for their company. I think that there was definately something very wrong with Chris' mental state when he did the things that he did. His seven-year-old son Daniel was to belevied to have been suffering from Fragile X Syndrome, a rare condition that affected his growth. But to this day, no motive has been formulated. To place something as stupid as steroid rage at the top of the list of motives, is a rediculous statement. Toxicology reports proved that nothing was found in Benoit's system that could have led to him killing his wife and son. One thing is for sure. This will go down in the annuals of time as the greatest tragedy in the history of professional wrestling.