Protest shop: online retailer want PM out

S8000704 Here's a story that will probably depress our Prime minister - or have him reaching for the Nokia - again. It seems no-one on the virtual High Street likes him, no-one more so than virtual web retailer who have slashed all their T-Shirts from  £15 to ten pounds.
They proudly announce on their blog: "The thieving gits in parliament have continuously stolen from us, the man or woman in the street, and now they don't have the backbone to get rid of (you know who). Well, enough is enough. As of now, until Gordon Brown and his over-expensed puppets get the tin tac, we are reducing all of our prices"
So head over there and bag one of their great T-Shirts, if only to pee off our Prime minister.

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Wed, 03/10/2010 - 04:20
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