QUEEN Wasp Trapped

A huge Wasp (most probably the QUEEN) invaded my bedroom on Sunday afternoon, shocking me with its size and sting, writes Chris Gaynor.

I managed to trap it in a Jack Daniels Whisky shot glass, (pictured left.)

Although it is not clear enough to reveal the true extent of its size, let's just say you wouldn't want to make it angry - but, at that time, she was very docile.

No doubt, she was on the prowl for a place to nest for the up-coming summer season - scouring roof turrets, or warm, dry places, like lofts, to lay the eggs.

An employee for the Council's Pest Control, who inspected our premises days before, said late April/early May is a time when the Queen is actively seeking out suitable territory.

No Wasps nests were present, luckily.

He said: "It is not difficult to spot a nest - but sometimes I get calls from people who spot loads of them flying around a certain area, and naturally assume a nest is there - when it is just a false alarm."

"If you spot the Queen, it must be destroyed," he said.

He added: "If they are flying in a straight line from one place to another, it is possible they are leaving or entering the nest."

But he said the late humid weather this year, meant that the Queen's search is later than usual.

There are some useful but obvious tips for avoiding confrontation with Wasps in the summer, apparently.

  • Avoid wearing bright floral shirts - they may think you are a flower.
  • Do not overdo the perfume or deodorant
  • Cover up sugary food
  • And keep waste bins secure.
  • If you kill a Wasp - get rid of it as the dead body gives off a sweet chemical which attracts others.

Wasps - despite their uglyness, apparently are harmless - but can be angry when their nest is disturbed.