Rap Star's Rage After Champers Snub

Jay Z is leading a boycott of elite bubbly Cristal after it branded name-checks from the Hip Hop fraternity 'unwanted attention'. The multi-millionaire rap king described the comments from the boss of the company that makes the fiz as "racist" and immediately pulled bottles of the champagne from all his clubs. He also said he personally would no longer be guzzling the over priced plonk which he helped make a status symbol.


Louis Roderer Cristal managing director Frederic Rouzaud said he viewed the French company's association with the rap world with "curiosity and serenity".

Asked by a magazine if the association between Cristal and the "bling lifestyle" could be detrimental, Rouzaud left no doubt that he is no fan of the rap world's love of his product. He said: "That's a good question, but what can we do? We can't forbid people from buying it. I'm sure Dom Perignon or Krug would be delighted to have their business."

He later went on to say the link gave the brand "unwanted attention".

The comments did not wash with Jay-Z. The rapper said he would pull Cristal from his small chain of popular sports lounges - where bottles of Cristal sell for $450 (£242) and $600 (£323). In a statement, he said: "It has come to my attention that the managing director of Cristal, Frederic Rouzaud views the Hip Hop culture as "unwelcome attention".

"I view his comments as racist and will no longer support any of his products through any of my various brands including the 40/40 Club nor in my personal life."

Jay-Z made Rouzaud 's entreaty a reality with plans to replace Cristal with Krug and Dom Perignon at his New York and Atlantic City clubs.

Footie mad Jay-Z has also said that he wants to buy a piece of Arsenal. The fiance of Beyonce Knowles, a highly successful businessman as well as music performer, is desperate to get involved in football. He is planning to invest in the Gunners after being turned down by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. Apparently Jay, a big admirer of Thierry Henry, reckons the football scene is ripe for fans of rap and hip hop and will be a lot more welcoming than Louis Roderer Cristal.

Jay-Z is a co-founder of Roc-A-Fella record company, the Rocawear fashion house and a part owner of the New Jersey Nets basketball team. His popularity as an artist is such that tickets for the exclusive 3,000-seats New York concert on June 25, at which he is performing, sold out online in just two minutes.


2 Responses to "Rap Star's Rage After Champers Snub"


Sat, 06/17/2006 - 11:03
How is saying that it gives the brand 'unwanted attention' racist? From the way that I understand what he said, it is hip hop culture as a whole that gives the brand 'unwanted attention' black or white. Now I do find what Rouzaud said a bit out of order, but it is definately not racist. Ah well Jay, looks like you just going to have to drink all that Cristal by yourself, I suppose you could get your new best friend Nas to help. Maybe you could invite Cam'Ron around as well and give him a few bottles as a peace offering to squah the beef.


Wed, 07/26/2006 - 00:18
<p>Hear or read&nbsp;about&nbsp;Hip Hop and what race comes to your&nbsp;mind? This is not a lesson about Hip hop but Hip hop is a cultural movement that began among urban African Americans and has since spread around the world.&nbsp;With that&nbsp;consider political activism, hip hop fashion, hip hop slang, double dutching (an urban form of rope skipping) or other elements as important facets of hip hop. The term has since come to be a synonym for hip hop music and rap to mainstream audiences and the majority is black. Some people believe that hip-hop listeners are mostly white, there are no studies to prove this.</p><p>Arrogantly uttering those words, means that&nbsp;his message wass directed at&nbsp;a majority, Most brands would be proud to be mentioned in an artists' lyrics&nbsp;because it boosts sales, so why then does Rouzaud say&nbsp;that&nbsp;Hip hop&nbsp;gives the brand 'unwanted attention'. Look at Adidas, Nike, Gucci, Cadillac, BMW...&nbsp;just to name a few. Eversince their name brands have been heard on hip hop tracks sales have risen. </p><p>I can't wait till Alize, Courvoisier or any other hip hop mentioned brand knocks-off Cristal off the 'Most expensive Drink List'. Times change. What Dell did to IBM, any brand can to Cristal.</p><p>If Rouzaud had commented on how the British do not accept defeat,&nbsp;I believe the undertaker would not be taking Christiano Ronaldo's body to the grave alone. Tabloids would be littered with the name &quot;Racist&quot;.</p>