Remaining Gaddafi forces will not surrender

The leader de facto of Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi.

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Colonel Gaddafi’s loyalists will reject an ultimatum made from the rebels to surrender their arms this weekend, in order that democracy can take its course in the country – instead, they vow to fight to the bitter end..


Any rejection could lead to a bloody battle in Sirte, Gaddafi’s hometown, where pro-Gaddafi loyalists are refusing to surrender.


Saturday was the deadline for the pockets of pro-Gaddafi forces to cut and run so that the transition to democratic government could start with the National Transitional Council under chairman Jalil.


The Colonel, who is still in hiding, apparently has put a call through his PR spokesman Moussa Ibrahim saying they will not surrender to the calls of “armed gangs corrupting Libya.”


The news comes as rebels are more or less in command of Libya, as members of the Gaddafi family have either fled to Algeria, are killed in the civil battle, or are in hiding in Libya clinging onto the hope that they maybe able to play some kind of role in the new Libya.


$1 billion dollars of assets that were frozen by the UN will be unfrozen to aid the country.


The rebels claim they are closing in on hunting down Gaddafi, who has had a £1 million bounty on his head, to be captured dead or alive.


One of Gaddafi’s sons, Al-Saadi has apparently told foreign press he is negotiating his own surrender with the rebels.


The continued crumble of the Gaddafi mafia regime comes as there is renewed drive to find the person/s responsible for the death of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, who was tragically shot in 1984, for policing a demonstration outside the Libyan embassy in London.  

A retired Cop who was with the WPC at the time of the shooting, John Murray, who has been campaigning for several years, welcomed the renewed attempts to hunt down Yvonne’s killer, and says justice can’t come quick enough to put an end to the misery of not knowing why it happened. He has vowed from the very start that there would in the end be justice for the Fletcher family.


It has been reported that a suspect in the murder is alive in Tripoli.


The National Transitional Council have pledged their support in aiding the UK authorities to bring whoever killed the WPC to justice. Yesterday the UK spokesman told news outlets that there could be a possibility of the killer standing trial outside of Libya. UK Met Police could even fly to libya to investigate.


NATO forces continue with their air strikes on key parts of Gaddafi’s former regime strongholds, hoping to aid the rebels in destroying any remaining remnence of the regime.


Gaddafi is still apparently in Libya, Ibrahim has said.


Libyans have been celebrating the first Eid in 42 years without being in the shackles of Gaddafi’s regime. Those who were engaged in Ramadan, fasting for a month, were able to take in food and water during the civil war, which is still going on now.

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