Ride em Cowboy -YEE HA

It's official! the British public have woken up and smelt the coffee over the shambles and choas that was once described as  the saviour of British politics, the Labour Party!

Like a beautifully ornately wrapped Christmas present, inside, it is now hollow and empty.

In a BPIX Poll 70% of voters have labelled John Prescott, the once whiter than white man of New Labour, a 'buffoon.'

This must be music to every Tory supporter's ears as, if a general election was called tommorrow, the Tory's would be firmly installed back in no 10 Downing Street, with Cameron at the helm.

The past few weeks of bad press, scandals, clings on has well and truely stuffed the Labour Party machine and exposed it as FAKE!

But we knew that all along, didnt we?

An American Billionaire tycoon has added yet more controversy to PREZZA GATE. It is claimed he presented the disgraced Cabinet Minister without portfolio gifts, including a Wild West outfit, Stetson Hat and signed belt donning the initials JP - very touching!

I guess JP will have fun with those on the Crouquet lawns! What about the WInchester 73? I can just imagine the scene 'If anyone comes near me, I'll shoot.' Ride em Cowboy! YEE HA - I cringe at the thought of the DPM doing the 'Rodeo!'

Now back to the serious stuff! Did anyone see the farce that was the commemorations to the victims of the July 7th Bombings? Did anyone detect an air of hypocrisy surrounding the whole event? The fact that victims familes are struggling to receive compensation from this Government is a disgrace and just outlines the true hypocrisy of their thinking. They think a lavish memorial service will detract from them having to fufill their part of the 'social contract,' that Citizens and Government are supposed to have with each other!

The Government has obviously got more important things to think about like what is the next Western playing on TCM tonight? Great, it's THE SEARCHERS - Let's pretend Cameron is SCAR - we can have fun playing Cowboys and Indians in the halls of Downing Street, TONY! YEE HA