Right-wing Tory MP Talks Tosh

Julian Brazier - Twit
Now my politics should be fairly familiar to you all by now. But i was rather startled and repulsed to read an article in The Times analysing a new pamphlet released by Julian Brazier, MP for Canterbury and Whitstable, blaming immigration for "ruining the quality of British life".
The fact that he is seemingly so far out of kilter with David Cameron's more enlightened direction for the party makes his comment fairly laughable. However, Brazier is a member of the right-wing conerstone group of MPs within the party and has the support of a further 30 of Cameron's parliamentarians, which perhaps makes it a bit more serious. 
In his pamphlet Brazier claims that the long working hours and high level of family breakdowns is a systematic cause of the high levels of immigration in this country and a problem that has also caused the excessive mortgage rates and housing shortages. I am sorry but it just sounds to me as if this embittered MP is still just sore that John Major became head of the party, when he was involved in front-line politics, instead of his chosen right-wing choice and just passes the time writing this endless drivel to make a few headlines.
But this is not the first time the outspoken MP has criticised the Tory leadership line - he has gone on record as criticising Cameron's 'A-list of candidates' to challenge seats in constituencies because it is designed to
increase the number of women and black MPs. 
He concludes in his paper:
"Overcrowding is a key cause of many of the factors which are destroying 
quality of life: mortgage slavery, overdevelopment, congested roads,
water shortages, flooding and over-stretched public services. We should
do everything we can sensibly - and fairly - to reduce the level of 
immigration to well below the level of emigration."
What a load of bollocks, for some reason he is using the the high levels of immigration, which, I think, most people would say that there is a problem. But to use it as an excuse for a poorly run Government, which is the very thing he should be pointing out as a member of the opposition! just boggles the mind.        
Great Britain has a fantastic history of integrating people from other nations, cultures, and creeds and this is something that should be celebrated. Yes, I agree, that there is a problem with the amount of people that come here who offer this country nothing in terms of the economy and the like, who just come here to take advantage of the system, with regards to benefits - but that is a Government problem.
Lest he forget that a huge proportion of immigrants in this country are here as a benefit to the people in this country - and it is up to the Government of the day to make sure that society is fully capable of handling it.
Julian Brazier - do something useful with your time and start lobbying the Government and not your own party leader for change!