Send a 'buzzing' signal

Sometimes the blogosphere is accused of just spreading venal, unfounded tittle tattle gossip, but in this case, this is where blogs are at their best when at their boldest. Blogs are a great tool for campaigning.


It's already been spread around the political blogosphere, some outraged by the decision.

The Guardian has been gagged from reporting a question to be asked in our mother of all parliaments sometime this week. The gag has been made from a well-known solicitors in the political arena.

If you're a New Media hornet, and enjoy buzzing stuff around the net, then blog this, tweet it, Facebook it, and do whatever necessary. Who says New Media doesn't have its uses?

Let's send a signal to all those who are trying to stifle free press reporting by preventing newspaper hacks from doing their job, getting to the truth about what is going on at the top of governance...

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