Senior Blair adviser slams citizen style journalism

A senior political strategist to the PM has slammed citizen style journalism as a 'shrill discourse of demands.' The commnents came as Tony Blair was carrying out an online petition from his comfy sofa in Downing Street today. Speaking at an e-conference in London, Matthew Taylor is worried that the blogger generation is producing demands on politicians which are simply unattainable. He also scathed the media for giving politicians a bad image as being 'corrupt' or lacking in ideas. Recent government experiments including Environment Secretary David Miliband's blog ideas were praised by the public relations adviser as progress, but he also claimed that the internet was simply being used as a tool for slamming politicians rather than working with them to solve problems. He claimed that he was speaking as a citizen rather than a government representative when he made the comments. Calls for a richer relationship between politicians and their citizens will be welcomed by voters unless media stop labelling elected leaders as 'out there to shaft you,' he said.