Shock as White baby is born to Black parents

This is the black couple who have amazed medical experts after their baby daughter was born with white skin, blue eyes and blonde hair.
Benjamin and Angela Ihegboro's daughter, Nmachi, has dumbfounded genetic experts who are unable to explain why she looks they way she does.

Doctors say the white-skinned newborn is not an albino.

The blonde, blue-eyed girl's Nigerian parents say they don't know of any white ancestry in either of their families.

The British couple are both of Igbo Nigerian origin and have dark skin.Father Ben Ihegboro, 44, a customer services adviser, admitted that when he saw the baby he exclaimed 'What the flip?' before joking: 'Is she mine?'
Doctors at Queen Mary hospital in Sidcup insist that Nmachi - whose name means 'beauty of God' in the couple's native Igbo language - is not an albino.

The couple spoke to The Sun newspaper last night