Short Quits

A Former International Development Secretary and heavy mouthed MP has quit the House of Commons as an MP it emerged yesterday, writes Chris Gaynor.

Clare Short, Labour and rebel MP of late has quit saying she 'just wants to be free to speak her mind.' She has been the stone in the shoe to Tony Blair's policy on Iraq since Blair and Bush declared war and has launched scathing attacks personally on the PM.

In a final blow to the PM, Short labelled him 'arrogant, error-prone and deceitful.'

The poison pot was reaching melting point after serving 20 years of loyalty to the Labour Party, but was branded a traitor after publically blasting the PM.

She will serve as an Independent until the next election.

The 60-year-old claims she has been hounded out by bullying government whips. Stormy rides and rising tides have made the MP a national icon for her opposition to the Government's policy on Iraq.

Last month, she raised the stakes by suggesting that the election would bring a 'hung parliament.'

Wonder what Tony Blair must be thinking this weekend?