Short strife

Chris Gaynor

Former International Development Secretary and outspoken rebel MP is set to have a ticking off for speaking ill of the Goverment and Tony Blair.

Clare Short   could be thrown out of the Labour Party for pain staken comments   such as labelling the Government as 'incompitent' and 'arrogant.'

The comments could not come at a worse time for the Government and Tony Blair, as questions still lurk around Westminster regarding when he will  depart from No 10.

It is not the first time Ms Short has slammed the Government for its failed policies and incompitence.

But her comments have deeply infuriated many MPs including Jacqui Smith, chief whip,  who is expected to write a letter to the party chair and the general secretary of the Labour Party.

Ms Short has also made clear her disagreements regarding the Iraq war and Blair's hand in hand support of US policy.

Her written comments in a national newspaper add more salt in the wounds of a Government that is close to Civil War.

The Birmingham Ladywood MP is to step down at the next election, but has not ruled out standing as an independent.