Should David Cameron be worried?

RISING star of the Tory Party Douglas Carswell's blog is one-year-old tomorrow. Should David Cameron be worried? Clearly he should be, as one commentor on his blog wrote this: "It's going to be really interesting reading this blog in about 8 years time, when you are PM." A resounding endorsement if ever there was one. Carswell was the prime instigator in helping to remove the Labour Speaker of the House last week by tabling the motion for him to be sacked. He had the backing of several MPs in that particular campaign. Carswell adds of his milestone: "12 months, 739 posts, and one Speaker later, some 24,000 viewed the site last week. Thank you for reading!" He is certainly causing a stir, just like crisp speaking Tory MEP Daniel Hannan did when he lambasted Gordon Brown in Brussels a few weeks ago.