Some unanswered questions

Not many in the west know about Purulia Arms Drop case. Atleast not many from of the younger generations. This happened at a time when people still used maps, (no GPS) and internet and mobile phones were not as common. An odd hamlet in Bengal, it was the centre of drama almost 20 years back, and still now remains the epicenter of a still unsolved international conspiracy, which includes the British secret service, the Indian spy agencies, and possibly both the governments. 

Amidst the media coverage of Bin Laden killing, and Arab Spring turning into a neverending hot summer...the single most important revelation in this murky tale. The allegation by Danish National Kim Davy, one of the main co-accused in this alongside British Peter Bleach, that the British secret servive MI5 was acting alongside RAW, the Indian external espionage agency, to overthrow the democratically elected socialist government of West Bengal further deepened the mystery rather than clarifying it. 

What further mystifies the account is the silence on the part of both the British and the Indian central government. How can a military cargo plane come in and go out, with the military radars sleeping, without any kind of active Government nod? (No Pakistani journalists, you are not starting your next Op-Ed with this sentence...) 

Which brings us face to face of the deadly thought, of a democratic central union government, trying to overthrow another elected government of a state, just cause the government is socialist. ( My cousin wrote a brilliant backgrounder to this case and the media bias, here. )

Sitaram Yechury, Politburo member of the Communist Party of India, the ruling party of the state of Bengal, wrote a scathing article on the subversion of democracy, and a couple of muted media op-eds came out. But the broader questions are still to be answered, by both the Indian and the British governments.