Sometimes dithering is a good thing

Shadow Foriegn secretary William Hague makes a great case why we should fear Gordon getting back into No 10 in 2010. Simply, if you voted Brown, you'd probably be getting monsieur Blair, the likely candidate. But, French premier Nicholas Sarkozy has dampened the prospect this week though of Blair being el presidente de l'Europe. Merci beaucoup monsieur Sarkozy, you've done our job for us. Pretty sure most Brits would have loathed the idea of another Brown/Blair double act. The Laurel and Hardy of British politics. Sarkozy thinks Britain were slow on the uptake when it came to CHANGE and joining the EURO. Who was it who dithered over whether Britain should join the EURO and wanted to make sure the five economic tests were met? One monsieur Brown. He may have dithered, but at least he stonewalled Blair from ditching the pound.
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