Sony Are Not Playing Around

Scott Hammond

A brave new era of computer gaming is about to arrive Since the release of Microsoft’s XBox 360,  enthusiasts have waited, with barely containable anticipation, for Sony’s reaction. In November, the Japanese giant's bold response will be in the shops.  Sony's Playstation 3 is scheduled to be available then and is set to blow any competition out of the water.


The most notable thing about the PS3 is that is has an on board 60GB hard drive. Sony’s next instalment of the popular console also includes a blu-ray disc, a format for the storage of high definition video, wi-fi connectivity and also it will have a state of the art graphics processing unit which will give its games an amazing look of realism.

One of the big benefits of the PS3 is that it will also be able to play PS1 and PS2 games as well. The one hitch with the whole thing is its cost. Jon Attaway, of Sony Entertainment, stated on the Sony website: 'PS3 will be launched in Europe on November 17 in two configurations. Customers can choose between a 20GB hard disk drive or 60GB version, priced at 499 and 599 Euros respectively.'

The controller has had a re-vamp as well. Attaway added: “With all new technology, the PS3 controller is motion-sensitive across six axes, paving the way for entirely new methods of interaction.”

More than 230 games are currently in production for the PS3, so it looks highly likely that the console is going to beat its predecessor by a long way. Ninety million units have been sold worldwide, seven  million of them in the UK. But Sony executives are confident  that the new generation PS3 will rise to the challenge of beating that mighty retail benchmark..


2 Responses to "Sony Are Not Playing Around"

Gary Roberts

Wed, 07/12/2006 - 16:46
You said:<br />&quot;Playstation set to blow any competition out of the water.&quot;<br /><br />I hardly think we&nbsp;can make a conclusion about the upcoming 'console war'&nbsp;before it's even started. What's very likely is that PS3 will sell more units than its rivals. Maybe this is what you meant. But what's impossible to tell right now is whether or not PS3 will be&nbsp;any&nbsp;<em>better </em>than Nintendo's Wii and Microsoft's Xbox 360.&nbsp;<br /><br />You said:<br />&quot;The most notable thing about the PS3 is that is has an on board 60GB hard drive. &quot;<br /><br /><br /><br />Actually, by itself this fact is meaningless. The sheer size of the hard drive strapped onto the system means nothing unless it's going to be used in innovative and exciting ways.<br /><br />You said:<br />&quot;The controller has had a re-vamp as well.&quot; <br /><br />Not forgetting, of course, that Nintendo were first with the motion-sensor technology and Sony simply emulated it.


Thu, 07/13/2006 - 14:17
Okay then, looks as though someone did their homework. In what 'innovative and exciting'&nbsp;way would you use a 60GB hard drive? Listen&nbsp;mate, its all about selling the product, and while I&nbsp;do not work for Sony, I liked the idea and I thought I'd hype it up. If you beleive that the PS3 will be beaten&nbsp;out by the X Box 360, which will have porbably dropped in popularity by then, then your smoking something, the PS3 is scheduled to sell out faster than any system in history. Sorry if my comments were a bit harsh, I just feel the need to defend myself.&nbsp;