Spartacus R. founding member of OSIBISA/GAPRadio has passed on

Karen Hatter

Spartacus R., known to many as Brother Fundisi, the TruthSayer, peacefully passed on from this existence on July 30, 2010 after battling cancer. At this time, arrangements have not been finalised by the family.

Spartacus R. was one of the founding members and bass player in OSIBISA, the acclaimed 70s African Rock band. An internationally recognised musician and revolutionary activist, after leaving OSIBISA, Spartacus launched a solo career.


"After Osibisa, Spartacus recorded the seminal acoustic masterpiece, "Africa I See", one of four successful, self-penned solo albums released on his own Zara Music Records label. With an acoustic guitar, ankle bells and some face paint, Spartacus R. travelled the world playing to audiences of 3 to 300,000 people in Africa, America, Australia, Europe and Japan.

An outspoken Musician, Poet, Author, Columnist, Talk Show Host, Seer and TruthSayer, Spartacus R. is one of the most highly respected of writers in the UK. Many of his contemporaries, including the late Bernie Grant, MP, have attested to his "honesty and integrity".

As a Human Rights Activist and Teacher, Spartacus has shared platforms with some of the world's most celebrated speakers, including Jesse Jackson who dubbed him the "African", and Paul Boateng, MP."

Spartacus R. was the founder of Global African People's Radio, GAPRadio, an internet radio station, which acquired an international audience, addressing concerns and issues confronting the African community, at home and in the diaspora.

I met Spartacus R. over 20 years ago when he performed as the featured artist at a political rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States.

The rally was organised to call for criminal accountability and prosecution of Philadelphia city officials for their roles in the bombing of the MOVE family in their home and the resultant fire that culminated in the lost lives of 11 members of the MOVE family, including children, and the destruction of several blocks in a West Philadelphia neighborhood.

May the Ancestors guide and protect Spartacus during his transition.