St George's Day

New Bank Holiday?

Sounds like a damn fine idea to me. Let's celebrate being English. Of course we should have a Bank Holiday to represent England. Every other bugger's got one. I just read one remark on the net that said, "nah, let's not have one - it won't be as good as St Paddy's."

Well the trick is, you see, to make it as good. If not better. We're English. We can do that.

Let's have one day when everyone, no matter what colour or creed, just enjoys the fact that they live on this wonderful little island. Let's have people wearing knotted handkerchiefs on their heads; let's have beer bellies and Red Crosses; let's have people walking about the country wearing fake Terry Thomas style moustaches and saying, "what what? Spiffing. I say ...!" Let's all eat egg and chips and wear vests and socks ... Let's just have some fun, folks.

But above all else, let's have another day off and get paid for it. Who can argue against that? Marvellous!!!