Starbreakers as law breakers

Television stars and celebrities are becoming somewhat of a liability these days. Last week, Deal or no Deal presenter and rejuvenated TV icon Noel Edmonds was bragging about his 176 mph drive along a stretch of motorway at four in the morning. This week, comedian and excentric television star Graham Norton has astonished the media with his admittance to indulging in drugs and experimentation with Ecstasy earlier on in his career. Is this a sign of the times where people are openly admitting to breaking the law? Perhaps if we were to lurk under the pillow cases of politicians we would uncover a string of dark secrets, but ofcourse politicians like to keep their secrets safe behind closed doors - wardrobe ones at that! We all have at some point in time broken the law, whether it be speeding or maybe just indulging in something we shouldn't, but to openly admit breaking the law in public with a big smile on a face is going over the top. Politicians and Celebrities should think long and hard about the kind of morals they are setting to the rest of the public. A public which they serve and entertain.