The State Of My Town

This is probably going to come across as extremely controversial but it is something that has to be said. Now I love the area in which I live, but it just pisses me off at the best of times. Coming home from the noSWeat building last night was absolute hell.

It started with me being stuck on a train at Hammersmith with a man who, sitting next to me was talking to himself, which I, personally do not have a problem with, so long as its not interfering with me. But he began making obscene noises directed at young children sitting in the same carriage, and only stopped when a man who was sitting opposite me told him to stop what he was doing.

After that, I exited the train and went for Hounslow East bus stop. After entering the bus I retreated upstairs to get some peace and quiet after what had been quite a hectic evening, and after five minutes alone, was greeted on the top deck of the bus by, what I think is becoming the biggest threat to the area in general, three neighbourhood hoes. I know it sounds nasty calling them that, but that was the nicest way I could think of putting it. These girls are no more than 16 and are already talking about things that at their age, I would have never even given a second thought to.

They sat up there my entire journey, and pumped music through the loudspeaker in one of their phones. Wearing more make-up than a clown at Zippo’s Circus, they continued to ramble on, while music with terrible quality was giving me a headache.

Finally, after 20 long minutes, I made it to my stop, not before hearing the hoes discussing me in the distance. I got off the bus and began the walk down my street, just happy to be home.

The last event that I came across was a woman at the opposite bus stop standing there in her night gown arguing with a man who was waiting for the bus. At this point, I was in such a state of anger that I simply walked down my road without looking back.