Success or Failure - can you hack it?

England crashed out of the World Cup losing 3-1 on penalties to Portugal on Saturday.

Developments since then have been the resignation of David Beckham as captain, who may well pass the arm band to Chelsea favourite John Terry.

The Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney affair heats up - or is it just media meddling?

Sven has apologised profusely for not taking England any further in the competition.

For many people, England crashing out of the World Cup, will be a huge relief and respite from all the spin of the past three weeks.

The words success and failure, during the tournament have been the two most common words - but, why is it, we expect so much from 11 football players, indeed why do we expect so much from our cricketers, and indeed tennis aces such as Henman and Murray?

Success is a measured word - it can be measured in many different ways - you don't have to win to be a winner - or so you might think!

Media hype constantly puts pressure on our elite sportsmen and women, and the slightest whiff of failure brings the aged question, are we doing enough in our schools to nurture young talent?

Wayne Rooney is young. His sending off on Saturday has sparked a campaign of intense scrutiny on our beautiful game - it's true that England did not produce top quality football we see week in and out in the Premiership, but I blame the media for this. There is constant pressure for players to perform on the international and world stage, and constantly being told how good they are, the players inevitably are going to believe their own press.

I'm not for one minute accusing England of having no talent whatsoever, but I am being realistic and, sometimes 'the truth hurts'.  Wayne Rooney is no doubt a talented individual, but that talent can only develop in a progressive way.

Success and failure, what does it all mean? The England boys have certainly failed in not reaching the World Cup final and for not producing quality we know they are capable of, but they have won in the sense that they now know that having natural talent alone, will not be enough to win gold.

Sven has passed the baton over to Mclaren, and I am sure this lap of the track will be even more scrutinised by the media. I believe that appointing Mclaren before the World Cup was a major mistake by the FA and Mclaren will be tarnished with Sven's legacy as he was involved in the process.

However successful Mclaren becomes, the measurement of success or failure on his part will be whether we can progress any further than a quarter final stage. Anything less than this will be deemed failure.

As the old saying goes, 'if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen!'