T-shirt printing advantages

One of the clothing staples found in almost every cupboard around the globe is a garment made of cotton. Other fibers are also used, but this the most popular. The name of this garment originated from the shape that it has when hanging on the body. Firstly it was worn as an undergarment on the top half of the body, where after it was worn on its own. In the early 1950s, people in Florida started decorating their garments. This trend became popular among resorts and amusement parks. This is how t-shirt printing was born.

This form of decorating is very popular due to the simplicity of the process. Ink is applied to the material in the chosen design. As technology developed so did the types of ink and the effect they give to the design. Designs can now have effects ranging from glow-in-the-dark to changing color when heat is applied.

A lot of new designers see this process as a gateway into designing because of the simplicity it offers, opposed to couture design. A graphic design will be taken to companies specializing in garment printing and the finished product will be handed back to it's designer. The designer will then use available resources to sell the product. That is quite a fine way to really get their work out there to be seen by everyone.

If the initial process proves successful, the next step would be to invest in the machine. This might seem like a pricey move, but in the long run the middle man would be cut out. Once this phase is entered a more profitable way of operation is achieved.

People see this process as an easy way to make some extra money and at the same time get their designs seen by the world. One must, however, be wary in purchasing pricey equipment. If the designer doesn't know how to use the equipment it may end up in storage, proving a waste of money. Purchasing second hand equipment at first may cut down the start- up cost.

Not being able to use the machine is a great flaw in the plan. When the design is not showcased correctly the desired effect of it will not be reached . Designers must keep in mind that not all designs are viable. At this point both consumables and labor will be wasted. This in essence means money that should have been made, is now wasted.

Once the flaws in the process are corrected, it may seem like the process is finished. Hereafter comes the marketing of the product, followed by the distribution thereof. This is made easy by what people use as a day-to-day tool, known as social media. This reaches thousands of potential clients over an unspecified demographic area. If the designers want to target a market that doesn't make use of this tool, or doesn't have access to it, alternative marketing strategies must be put into place. This should also be taken into consideration when structuring the budget.

T-shirt printing is the dream of any new designer, if done correctly. Designs can be publicly displays while making money from it. It can grow into a profitable business if planning is done correctly. Resources should be used correctly. If the potential flaws are overcome there is no reason that this cannot flourish into a profitable business.