A Taste of My Jamaican Culture

This week I'll be sharing with you a poem written by one of Jamaica's most famous writers and folkler.

She is non -other than the hounourable Dr :Louis Bennet-Coverly. affectionately called, Ms Luo.

Ms Lou was the first Jamican to have ever written and published in our   mother tougue, known to many as: "Jamican creol" or as the upper class would  put it, "broken english".

Though Ms Lou passed away in July last year   at aged 86, howver her memory lives on in the minds and hearts of many. Through her written words. And at the least recall  of Jamaica's tradition.   She was a shining star for our developing country. where ever she went the name Jamaica was always at the centre of her career.

She was a living legend, an icon and a mother to many young black women and men.

  "In her poems she was able to capture all the spontaneity of the expression of Jamaican's joys and sorrows, their ready poignant and even wicked wit, their religion and their philosophy of life. Miss Lou wrote her first dialect poem when she was fourteen years old."

This week the poem I'll share with you is entitled " South  Parade Peddler  " written in the true ambience of Jamaica.By Ms Lou.   Here, she dramatizes the verbal attention higglers used to attract custom in the busy street side markets and also the verbal abuses that follow should they decide not to purcahase.

South Parade Peddler
Or, the street-cries of a South Parade Peddler which are seldom heard today as they (the peddlers) are now "respectably" perched behind Corporation stalls which control their movements and save passers-by from old-time peddler persuasion.

Hairnet, scissors, fine teeth comb!
Wey de nice lady dey?
Buy a scissors from me noh lady?
Hair pin? Toot' pase? Goh wey!
Me say go-wey aready, ef
Yuh doan like it see me.
Yuh dah-swell like bombin' plane fun'
Yuh soon bus up like Graff spe.

Yuh fava - Shoelace, powder puff!
Clothes hanger, belt, pen knife!
Buy something noh me nice young-man,
Buy a hairnet fe you wife,
Buy someting wid de change noh sah
An meck de Lawd bless you!
Me noh sell farden hair curler sah!
Yuh fast and facety to.

Teck out yuh han' out o' me bax
Pu' dung me razor blade.
Yuh no gat no use fe it for yuh
Dah-suffa from Hair-raid!
Nice boonoonoonoos lady, come,
Me precious, come dis way.
Hair pin? yes ma, tank yuh, yuh is
De bes' one fe de day.

Toot-brush? Ah beg yuh pardon sah
Me never see yuh mout',
Dem torpedo yeh teet' sah or
Yuh female lick dem out?
Noh bada pick me up yaw sah!
Yeh face look like a sey
Yuh draw it out o' lucky bax.
Noh bada me, go weh!

One police-man dah-come, but me
Dah-try get one more sale.
Shoes lace! Toot' pase! buy quick noh sah
Yuh want me go a jail?
Ef dah police ever ketch we Lize
We peddla career dun.
Pick up yuh foot eena yuh han'
Hair pin! Hair curler! Run!!

As Ms Lous would say: "Walk good and may good duppies follow you"

Please free to leave your comments, next week i'll share with the Jamaica ackee and salt fish dish..