Supermarket giant Tesco is growing larger and larger by the day. With 250,000 staff, 1,800 stores and the turnover of a medium-sized country, it now collects one in every eight retail pounds we spend. New branches are opening almost every day in Britain and the company now sells everything from clothes, books and food to mobile phone contracts and pet insurance.

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Sat, 01/28/2006 - 18:44
Hello everyone, just want to take this opportunity to say that it is true,Tesco is getting bigger and bigger but unfortunately does not value or consider enough their staff members who should be the people to be rewarded for their success. I cannot believe how horrible managers can be if you are not able to come to work cause you are sick or ask permission to leave early cause not feeling really well,looking at you like you are lying,pretending and I have gone through (more than once) disciplinary procedures just cause missing one day of work!Truth is if you cannot come for health reasons they have to pay you anyway,and that's what really gets on their nerves. So they advice you to try and make up your time or threaten you they are going to use your holidays if you are sick again. It is ridiculous, almost like you have to live for the store, they don't understand there might be more important things in our lives than Tesco Ltd "Every little helps" .

Gary Roberts

Sat, 01/28/2006 - 18:46
Tesco, like other big corporations, has a surprisingly rigid and unsympathetic employee policy in effect. Asda, second only to the aforementioned behemoth in the supermarket industry is guilty of the same shortcomings. But recent record-breaking profits at Tesco have not been the result of some laid back approach that asks of its staff to pop in for a shift whenever they're up to it.