TiVo app now available for Android

TiVo owners who also have Android smartphones used to have to lament that their Apple-owning counterparts had an app that would work with their TiVo system. Lamentations shall be uttered no more, as TiVo now has an app for Android. Resource for this article: TiVo app now available for Android

Must be a Premiere consumerEntertainment technology has expanded by leaps and bounds in the past few years, and it will still only increase at this point. Apple is reportedly working on its own television set, which will fully integrate all of a person's Apple devices. However, nothing is set in stone about that quite yet, but there are still some good gadgets and, for smartphone consumers, apps that enable the user to control their television from their smartphone. TiVo, as reported by CNET, has unleashed an application for both iOS and Android devices that allows consumers to control TiVo from smartphones or tablets. The application works with the TiVo Premiere series, the entry level of which starts at $99 and is accessible from any cable provider offering TiVo.

App is freeThe app does not cost a thing to download for iPhone, iPad or Android phones or tablets. It contains a “remote control” function that can change channels and do just about anything a normal TiVo remote does. However, as reported by CNET, the remote function does not control the television set, so volume and power still require a tra-ditional remote. The application recreates the TiVo interface and individuals can sched-ule recordings, check forthcoming programs and so forth. As reported by TiVo's website, the application can also transfer recordings to any mobile machine with use of TiVo Desktop software. Customers can also download recordings to a computer and burn them to DVDs if desired. The application now accessible for Android will also work with the Amazon Kindle Fire. The app consists of motion-activated com-mands.

Other opportunitiesSmartphone and tablet owners have a ton of apps to pick from for controlling the television. Android phones with an infrared port, according to ZDNet, can download a universal remote control app such as Dijit. Dijit incorporates a guide function that enables users to browse forthcoming and currently playing programs. Sports enthusiasts, as reported by Engadget, can get the upgraded Are You Watching This?! It is an application for Android, which can sync with DVR, TiVo or Google TV to record games.


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