Top Army Chief spared sack

Top Army Chief was spared the sack last night after he publically backed down from comments he made earlier in the week about allied troops exacesbating the situation in Iraq. General Sir Richard Dannett and Tony Blair came to a ceasefire over the whole affair which means the top Army Boss has saved his job. The comments came on Thursday when the General had commented that 'troops should be pulled out of Iraq 'sometime soon.' He also slammed Blair's foreign policy calling the transition to democracy 'naive' and the post war clear up effort 'poor.' His rift with the PM were a direct breach of rules which prevent civil servants from criticising public policy. But Ex Soldiers as well as Military experts hailed him as a hero for having the guts to speak his mind. Dannett was allegedly telephoned in the middle of the night and asked to clarify his comments with Defence Secretary Des Browne. Both Blair and Browne then agreed that he would be spared the sack. The Top boss has refuted that there was any rift with the PM but did not backtrack on comments he had made.