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November 02, 2019

Before Greta Thunberg there was a star Japanese-Canadian

World acclaimed green activist Greta Thunberg has established herself as the planet’s spokeswoman on climate change at just 16 years of age. But long before social media, another youngster...

Chelsea Football Club's Man of the Match

* See Chris Gaynor's blog:

Cuban achitecture that moves you

Lara Platman Fidel Castro once wrote 'Cuba has no need for monuments'. One important and symbolic transformation however, has been the renovation of two of the Modern Schools of Art in Havana's Miramar district. Story has it that the concep ...

Cats given the bird


Stop monkeying around and let's have your opinion

Oncoming traffic beware

World's door to hell fire

Matt GardnerThirty-five years ago, geologists searching for natural gas near Darvaza, Turkmenistan, stumbled upon a chamber filled with poisonous gas after their drilling equipment caused the ground around it to collapse. With their camps and equipment alr ...

Multi-coloured New York

Here's looking at you


My top five dream vacation spots

Andy Bigs What would you do if you had full financial freedom? How different would your life be? Private jets, someone to accompany and assist you wherever you go, and whatever you do. How would you treat the people in your life? How different would ...

Spirited motorists not wanted