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February 08, 2017

Stars of are shining brightly

This website is proud it has been a springboard to success for many budding journalists.They range from an Indian student who gave us graphic eyewitness accounts of a terrorist attack in Mumbai to a...

Spicy story of scorned woman threatens career of TV chef

The-Latest - EXCLUSIVETV chef Levi Roots is being stalked in Fleet Street by a kiss and tell story from a scorned lover that threatens to bring down his multi-million pound empire in Britain.The 51-year-old Jamaican born entrepreneur, who started his caree ...

African American Idol

Fishy business

Should he stay or should he go?

What the J****Z is he up to?


Fall Of George 'Dubya'

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Americans Say Where They Want To Invade Next

Dancing Wit Jah

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Best of the season to you

Wishing all our members and readers the very best of the season from everyone at The-Latest.

Plane weird: Four months spent living at Berlin's airports

 Plane weird: She's spent three months living at Berlin's airportsGerman authorities are baffled by a woman who has been living in two Berlin airports for three months in a bizarre real life version of hit film 'The Terminal'.They now fear that the sm ...