Tories unveil potential limits on immigration

Fiesty Tory leader David Cameron has unveiled potential plans to limit the number of economic migrants coming into this country. Plans for a quota style system to control numbers of migrants crossing our borders could be a welcome relief for thousands of voters. Former Tory leader Michael Howard backed a quota system at the last general election but was hammered in the polls. Cameron's shift from gimmick politics to potential sensitive policy could be the key to the Tories grabbing power at the next general election. But the new Tory leader will have his work cut out if he is to sway voters that he is not too right wing on policies such as immigration and asylum and Europe. Both William Hague and Michael Howard received a drubbing in elections for appearing too right wing on Europe and Immigration. With the Queen's speech looming next week, it is important that Cameron and his team start unveiling policies on all the subjects that matter to the voters. As the US mid term elections have revealed Bush and Blair are on the run, it is imperative that Cameron and co offer a firm opposition to the near sinking PM and new Labour spin machine which appears on its last legs. A man once told me in a pub: 'The Tories are dead as doornails.' How I laughed when he said that, to which I replied to him: 'Politics comes in cycles. Political parties are never dead, they just lie dormant for a while, just like the Labour party in the early 80's and 90's.' It's time Cameron struck a real final blow at the heart of the Labour juggernaut so that they can lie doormant for a while.