TV star's lasting tribute to fallen

Map showing the 34 provinces of Afghanistan.
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WHEN politicians pay tribute to dead soldiers, and their families, who fought bravely in the theatre of War, their tributes are often looked on skeptically - or seen as hollow. But when stars pay tribute to the fallen, it gets everybody's attention.
Former Eastenders actor Ross Kemp left a heartfelt tribute on the Associated Northcliffe Digital's national memorials site Lasting Tribute writing this: ""Having been out to Afghanistan and seen what you are experiencing, I can only say how proud I am. I was always pretty proud of our armed forces but I am incredibly proud now. We thank you all and appreciate everything you are doing on a daily basis."
Kemp, who is a roving foreign journalist has done documentaries on Afghanistan, and searching for modern day pirates, as well as his Ross Kemp on Gangs series. The map is the provinces of Afghanistan, click on image to see the full details.
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