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When Twitter first blasted on the scene it was billed as a revolutionary social networking tool, that enabled people from all over the globe to communicate and share news, views, and yep, gossip and tittle tattle with people you wouldn't even dream of meeting in real life.

But now, for me, Twitter has just become another laughing matter where, if you stand on the sidelines you can just observe how ludicrous and downright ridiculous it has become when it comes to people spreading mindless gossip and unsubstantiated tittle tattle about others. Unfortunately, tittle tattle is a hot seller, but this so called "Twitgoss," in my opinion has erupted and got out of hand.

Why do I say this, considering I am someone who is an absolute web nut who craves Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, blogs, forums, membership sites, and a whole load of other interesting internet bumfluffery?

The simple reason, Twitter, and a few others, have taken the age old gossip mongering public house era, and turned it into a circus-du-soleil freak show where everyone now can post a gossip tweet about someone allegedly shagging their mother's boyfriend, or, indeed, in some cases, pontificating about an alleged footballer per se being gagged and ousted by his own court gagging order.

And if you post it, some blogger MAY pick it up and use it and republish it as a story - this is journalism? Mack the knife as Louis Armstrong once sang.

You probably know what I'm on about, if you don't then you must live on Mars.

But there are three main reasons why Twitter has in some respects become my standard bearer of despise. Don't get me wrong. If you have a website, blog, forum, membership site, it's a useful tool to communicate with likeminded people, unless of course they are just after your credit card, but if you are just an angry, vile member of the public who enjoys spreading wreckless gossip online, then the social networking bods need to sort it out right away. They say it's about ensuring there is freedom of speech, but when it comes down to it, this is just like the playground pen of nursery.

Don't get me wrong. Footballers who cheat, shouldn't be wrapped up in cotton wool of the law, but at the same time, people do not deserve to the subject or "wrongfully accused" if the gossip turns out not to be true. Unfortuantely, the line between what is considered truth, and rumour, has become clouded. As Right Said Fred once sang: "There's no truth in the rumour." Unless, of course the rumour does start to become the truth....?

There are four reasons away from this though why I have begun to despise Twitter. They are:

-1) You get followed by nuts who are not actually related to anything you actually are doing online. If you run a business online, or some kind of twitter niche profile, you still end up receiving follower messages from cranky people who you just know will not be interested in what it is you are doing online.

- 2) Fake Twitter profiles of people posing as celebrities. This too has become an annoying trait of the social networking site. Make sure you don't fall into the trap of following a famous celeb per se, and it turns out to be a self obsessed geek from down the road.

- 3) People that delete their tweets are deluded. If you are new to Twitter. And you do happen to be followed by the twitpolice, deleting your tweets will not get you a get out of jail free card. They will come after you, as tweets can be archived for a certain time.

-4) There is not enough to say in 140 characters - and you end up having to blurt out in about ten tweets something you could have said in just one paragraph. Isn't this the online version of wasting space? Was David Cameron the PM right when he said a couple of years ago on a radio station, too many twits make a twat?

Of course, you can follow me on Twitter @chrisgaynor2 if you like - but unlke others, I don't twit all the time - because I don't want to be considered a twat.



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